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Cheapest calling card to Call India for one cents a minute Free calls to India,Pakistan,Nepal,Bangladesh and lot more countries.
Cheapest calling card to Call India for one cents a minute
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Raza Gift Calling Cards Give your loved one a gift card to Call India,Pakistan,Philippines.
Now turn all your international calls into local calls! Just Pick-Up your phone and dial the local # corresponding to your friend's name that you had saved in your phone.
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City Direct Calling Plan

City Direct Prepaid Calling Plan
Get aggressive rates to call major cities in the world. Pin-less dialing phone card, Lowest rates if you make frequent calls to major cities land phone.
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Mobile Direct Prepaid Phone Plan for Mobile Lines

Call International Mobile Lines for Less!
Lowest rate to call any Mobile phone in the world. If you make majority of your phone card calls to mobile phone this is a great calling card.
Phone Cards for Vietnam Vietnam Calling Cards
Calling Cards Cheap UK Calling Cards

Follow Me Prepaid Calling Plan with Call Forwarding to anywhere in the world

Get your Calls forwarded to multiple locations around the world! Perfect for Business Travellers!
Receive your important phone card calls when you are on vacations or on business trip in any country in the world. Allows you according to your schedule.
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Calling Cards for Zambia India Phone Cards

Raza Rewards Bonus POints Program

Click Here for details on the Raza Rewards program
NEW! Our new Raza Rewards program gives you points for all purchases and referrals! Redeem your points at checkout for free minutes!
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Refer-A-Friend Program

The more friends you refer, the more money you get!
Get $10 for telling your friends about us. Every time when your friend signs up for our calling cards. The more people you refer more money you get.
refer friends and get free phone cards! refer as many people as you like!
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Raza Gift Cards

Gift Cards Your Loved Ones
Now you can turn our phone cards into a special gift card for your loved ones. Give the gift of long distance and let your family and friends stay in touch!
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India (Low Rate)1.3¢ 
India Ahmedabad1.3¢
India Hyderabad1.3¢
India New Delhi1.3¢
Pakistan (Low Rate)8.8¢
Saudi Arabia7.2¢
South Africa3.5¢
Sri Lanka10.2¢
United Arab Emirates12.7¢
United Kingdom0.8¢
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